10 must have items when traveling somewhere hot by fanci fantastic

I just got back from vacation and I feel so relaxed. I went to London already in April but I never class that as a holiday because its home to me. Last week’s destination was Punta Cana in DR and I was quiet excited because I had never been before. I will definitely give you a recap of my trip but for now I wanted to give you a quick run down of my 10 must have items when traveling somewhere hot.

  1.  Sunblock– I remember in my teens and 20’s I used to lay in the hot sun with nothing more on my body than baby oil mixed with coco butter. Those days are long gone. I burn very easy since I hit my 30’s so I need a minimum of 50+ protection. I heavily advise everyone to use sunblock at any age, burned skin is painful and not sexy.
  2. Mattifying face cream with sun protection– I have extremely oily skin on my face so I have to use a cream that helps with the shine, also my face is one of the first places that burn, so any moisturizer I use needs to have protection in it.
  3. Bronzer- I love looking as natural as possible on my face when I’m on vacation. Don’t get me wrong, you may see me on the beach with a bright red lip depending what bathing suit I am wearing, but I am not the type to put foundation on when I’m by the pool and sometimes even when I go out at night. Also I never know what color I am going to go, depending what country I am in, sometimes I go a nice golden color and sometimes I just go a very dark brown, so its always difficult for me to find a color to match my face. Last year I went to St Marteen with my family and all I wore was bronzer and lipstick so this is my new go to look when on vacay. I was in a rush to buy some last-minute bits before I left and I didn’t want to spend too much money, so I picked up a Rimmel bronzer and it did the job nicely.
  4. Probiotics– Now not to be graphic but I am not a regular bathroom user at the best of times, but on vacation, I could sometimes go days without using the bathroom with causes me to bloat. When wearing a bathing suit no one wants to have a full gut hanging out so now I travel with probiotics to help with the process.
  5. Bio oil-Even though I use sunblock I still sometimes burn a little so Bio oil is a must have when traveling.
  6. Headache tablets– I know I know it’s not what you expect, but I am a drinker and in my 30’s my hangovers last 2 sometimes 3 days. When your on vacation you don’t have days to waste, Plus no one wants to run around looking for headache tables in a strange country. Drinking in the sun can be lethal so bring tablets with you and always drink lots of water through out the day. My headache tables are from the UK as I find them stronger and I suffer with migraines but Bayer or advil should do the trick for a regular headache.
  7. Baby wipes– I use baby wipes for everything. To freshen up, to wipe my hands if I am at the beach and I eat something sticky, to take my make up off if I have no make up remover. I never go away without them.
  8. Bright Lipsticks– Going to new hot countries is always an excuse to try new lip sticks or lip glosses you never usually wear. I tend to wear a lot of red when I am at home, but when I am on vacation I like to go brighter. Oranges, pinks, even purple. I know the whole nude trend is in but when you’re in a beautiful hot country, color is key.
  9. Facial Mist spray– This is important, well to me anyway. I use it to cool down at the beach, and as a toner.
  10. Protection for  my lips– One year I went to fire Island and my lips got so badly burnt. They were so swollen and I couldn’t put nothing on them but ointment for weeks. Ever since then, anytime there is a hint of sun anywhere I use my lip protection. Make sure it has some kind of SPF in it, regular lip balm will burn your lips.


 Lipstick- here , Aquaphor- here, Josie Maran face cream- here, Caudal’ie- here, baby wipes- here, Probiotics- here, Sunscreen –here,  Rimmel Bronzer-here,  Head ache tablets – here, Bio oil- here


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