5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem by fanci fantastic

5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem by fanci fantastic

5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem by fanci fantastic

5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem by fanci fantastic

Greetings from Harlem. As the weather is getting warmer, I thought I would introduce a new series on one of my favorite things to do in life….Bar hopping. In the summer I like to try new bars and restaurants so throughout the next couple of months I will be breaking down where I go, and places I think you should try. Starting with  5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem.

As you may know if you read my blog, I live in Harlem with my hubby and I love it here. It has the perfect blend of just about everything I like in an area. For example I can go to 125th and buy a wig, relaxer and cheap sunglasses. Then I can head to 8th avenue to have a lovely Italian meal at Lido. I love it here. But, most importantly I don’t have to go far to get a good drink. So I broke down the places I like to go.

  1. Row House– I love Row House mainly because of the staff. They are extremely friendly, remember your name, and make a drink for me just the way I like it.  Kind of like my version of Cheers. There are days when I’m not sure what I fancy drinking, and they always whip something up for me that they think I might like. You can’t beat that kind of service.
  2. Lido–  This is where my aunt and I go for happy hour. Although they have cocktails, I like to get a glass or two of red wine when I go there. It’s a perfect place to go and unwind after work for a decent price. Also the Sangria is really good too.
  3. La Diagonal– My favorite place to go for some guacamole and a spicy margarita. All of the staff know how to make a good drink so you can’t go wrong. If you like spicy drinks like me then try the Hecho en Harlem, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Oso– Another place like to go for a good margarita. The drinks are tasty and I love the decor in the restaurant. My cocktail  of choice there is The Taco Truck. There is just something about the chilli salt rim that brings me much joy when sipping.
  5. Rokc– This place is a new favorite for me and hubby. He took me there for my birthday because I wanted to keep it local and we loved it. We sat at the bar, ate oysters and tried a few of the cocktails. Everything is really good. If you are on a date and you want to impress them or have a conversational piece, order the Smoke. There is a whole production that happens before you can actually drink the drink. It’s a definite must try.

That wraps up my 5 places to get a good cocktail in Harlem. Stay tuned for more recommendations on where to eat and drink in NYC this summer.

Thanks for reading and Cheers.

Be Fantastic. x

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  1. I cannot believe that I have only experienced three out of your list of five! Much work to do this summer 😏

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