Baggy and oversized by fanci fantasticBaggy and oversized by fanci fantasticBaggy and oversized by fanci fantasticAll Black-8981Baggy and oversized by fanci fantastic

Harem pants American Apparel, Jacket-Allsaints, Sandles-Forever 21, Top-BCBG

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As the weather gets warmer I like to stay as comfortable as I can. Summer has started off a little bumpy, we have had some warm days, but it’s still jacket weather most days which is perfect for me right now because I get to wear a few of the new jackets I have got recently.

I have mentioned before that I have put on a few pounds and not only that, my body shape has completely changed so I am trying to find things that suit me now. I love the over sized look, but as I’m short (well 5.48ft which is short for my dad’s side of the family) if I don’t wear certain piece’s right oversized clothing can make me look bigger, and no women wants to look bigger than what she is.

When wearing baggy or over sized clothing try to not do the entire outfit oversized, it doesn’t suit any women unless you’re at least 5.9ft and a size US 4. This however doesn’t  mean you can’t achieve the look just choose a piece that’s a little more fitted then the rest of the outfit. For example, I bought a mens denim jacket 2 size’s to big for me because I wanted it to have that oversized look, but I wear it with either a slip dress or a baggy T-shirt and black tight leather leggings. Always try to balance it out, it will make you look slimmer.

For this outfit I wore my trusty American Apparel harem pants which is one of my best purchase’s ever. I wear these all the time with sneakers (trainers for my Brit readers) to do my errands or with a jacket and heels to dress them up, they are so comfortable. This time paired them up with a baggy high low top from BCBG and one of my new Allsaints suede fringe jackets.

See below on how to recreate this look.

Harem pants here and here

Jacket here and here

Top here and here

Sunglasses here

Sandals here

By the way, I’m blonde now and I love it, I’ll be putting up a tutorial on how you can achieve this color soon.



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