Blue and green should never be seen by fancifantasticBlue and green should never be seenBlue and green should never be seenBlue and green should never be seenBlue and green should never be seen. Who remembers that saying?. It’s funny the things you remember when you get older. I think I was in school when I first heard that phrase. Some nutter decided that certain colors should not go together and then these ridiculous fashion rules were made.

Thank god I was raised strong minded with the belief that rules are to be broken. Within reason of course, but fashion rules for sure.  I mean really, the very thought that you can’t buy certain things as it may be frowned upon is ridiculous. Go big or go home I say.

Thankfully in 2017/2018 the same rules do not apply as much as they did before. Which is wonderful, I’m all for progress.  So in the spirit of rule breaking I picked up these great blue pants and green sweater from H&M. Side bar, I got this after the whole monkey thing…Yes thats right after, so go ahead and judge. See what had happened was, I went in to the store, saw these items on sale. Paid for them, then got on the train home.

Then it hit me…SHIT Im not supposed to give them my money anymore. I legit forgot what happened in my excited shopping frenzy. So the next step was to try it on, saw that it looked terrible then take it back.  But unfortunately I love this outfit.  So here it is.

Lets be clear my plan was never to boycott H&M. I think what they did was messed up, but I don’t believe they are a racist brand. Hopefully this does not happen again and if it does, I will reassess giving them my coins. However I was planning on giving them a time out, but like I said I forgot that in the moment.

I share this with you because a lot of people lie. The same people on instagram posting pics of boycotting things and ranting about every injustice. Are the same people who are still shopping in the stores when no one is looking while drinking their Pepsi. #justsaying.

I’m not telling you to sell your soul for a pair of $30 pants. But don’t jump on the hype just because you’re following the masses. Your not an asshole if you don’t react to things the same as everyone else, you’re an individual.

Ok, that above statement does not apply to Stacy Dash or Omarosa, they are actually assholes.

On another note if you like this look you can shop it here, and I found some pieces from other stores.

Happy shopping.

Be  Fantastic.  x

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