Bowler HatBowler HatBowler HatBowler HatBowler HatBowler Hat

Dress-H&M, Tights-Wolford, Shoes-Old, Hat-Nordstrom

Images by Viella

Hello Gorgeous people, hope you’re doing well. Apologies if I have been MIA recently. We have been doing some home improvements and I have become a little obsessed. For the last 3 weeks all I’ve done is buy house stuff and research. Gallery walls, furniture and anything else that looks good on Pinterest.

I never knew I would enjoy doing this so much, it’s totally my new thing. I intend to do a post on our apartment make over once its all done so stay tuned. I’m so excited to show you guys.

With all the apartment shopping I haven’t had the chance to focus on fashion that much, but never fear I still have a few looks up my sleeve. This weeks #ootd is probably one of my favorite’s. Not because it’s a typical Jasmine outfit, but because for some reason my personality shines through.

I went with a plain black look, and the inspiration actually came from Tina Turner. I was at my aunt’s house and we were watching a music video channel on Tina Turner’s birthday. They dedicated a few hours to all of her videos and I was so inspired by her looks. In the video Missing You, she wears this black short sweater dress so that’s what I went for and added a bowler hat. Unfortunately I don’t have Tina’s legs and its freezing in New York so I put tights on, lol.

Hope you like, see below pieces to recreate this look

Jumper Dress (Sweater)

Zebra Print Tights





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