Ice Cream anyone?

Ice Cream anyone? If someone can explain what’s going on with the weather that would be great. Don’t get me wrong I am not against heat, but I am also ready for fall fashion. As it’s still warm out, I decided to check out a new ice cream spot in Harlem. Sugar Hill Creamery is a family owned ice cream shop on 184 Lennox Avenue. If you’re in the area go and check it out. Be sure to ask for a scoop of salted caramel, its delicious. Oh and they even let me get on the bike, how cool is that? Now to the my outfit, I decided to pair this black slip top with me stripe pants. I also got these new sock shoe boots from Zara so I rocked them too. Side bar, sock boots are the boots of the season. Be sure to invest in a pair.…


Pinknic by fanci fantastic

Whats going on gorgeous people, I know its been a minute, but I’ve been a little busy. I went to a few events, and took a quick trip to LA for July 4th weekend, post to follow.

So lets jump in, a few weeks ago I attended Pinknic. This is an event I have wanted to attend since I saw it on Instagram. Don’t judge me, Instagram has actually become my go to source to see whats poppin’. See how I said whats popping’…Im still hip. Anyway, like I said I saw this event on Insta and decided this was something I had to go to.


#goals by fanci fantastic

It’s the beginning of a new year and its time to reflect and make a #Goal list for 2017. I haven’t written a goal list yet, but I intend to. This year I have to change it up though because I find myself creating lists I never stick to.

It’s difficult to be practical when settings goals because in the new year you feel empowered and hopeful. But by summer when you haven’t saved a dime and you have put on weight instead of lost, you realise you should have been more realistic.

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