Pinknic by fanci fantastic

Whats going on gorgeous people, I know its been a minute, but I’ve been a little busy. I went to a few events, and took a quick trip to LA for July 4th weekend, post to follow.

So lets jump in, a few weeks ago I attended Pinknic. This is an event I have wanted to attend since I saw it on Instagram. Don’t judge me, Instagram has actually become my go to source to see whats poppin’. See how I said whats popping’…Im still hip. Anyway, like I said I saw this event on Insta and decided this was something I had to go to.


#goals by fanci fantastic

It’s the beginning of a new year and its time to reflect and make a #Goal list for 2017. I haven’t written a goal list yet, but I intend to. This year I have to change it up though because I find myself creating lists I never stick to.

It’s difficult to be practical when settings goals because in the new year you feel empowered and hopeful. But by summer when you haven’t saved a dime and you have put on weight instead of lost, you realise you should have been more realistic.


This is just a quick post to recap my year. 2016 started off amazing as my husband and I went to St Lucia and spending the first day of the year on a beach was so nice. But by the end of January I lost my job and was in a weird space about what to do next. It’s so strange because to be honest I hated my job. But for some reason when it was no longer there I was upset. We get so caught up in the normality of a 9-5. When that regular pay check stops we go into a panic. In hindsight losing that job was one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I took some time for me and started this blog. Fanci Fantastic is my baby and its so nice having a creative outlet. Although I am not yet at the point…