Obsessed with goPure products

So I am obsessed with goPure products. Recently I decided to start investing in my skin as much as I do in clothes. I am going to be 3…(cough) next year and I have no intention on looking older than my age. I wanted to try natural products but not for any particular reason than trying something new. Also I have really oily skin and most products I have tried don’t help with the shine so I figured why not. The brand I bought is called goPure natural and to be honest I had never heard of it before now. I am the type of person that leaves buying beauty products to the last minute, so I needed everything. Cream, face wash, eye cream…everything. Lucky for me Cleopatra’s choice was doing a deal where you get all of the above and a serum for around $56. Apparently serum’s are best…

Fashion with Patches

Fashion with patches are everywhere at the moment and I am obsessed . I love when a trend comes along that’s fun and allows us to not take ourselves to seriously. Shops like Zara and Topshop have some really cute styles, and I have already purchased a few bits. See below for my favorite pieces on the high street right now.              Always remember, try not to spend too much money on ‘trendy’ pieces. Things like this come and go so I’m my opinion it doesn’t make sense spending a ton of money on something your only going to wear a few times. Hope you like, happy shopping.

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