China bumps by fanci fantasticChina bumps by fanci fantasticChina bumps by fanci fantasticChina bumps by fanci fantasticChina bumps by fanci fantastic

Dress- boohoo, boots-Allsaints,

Images by Viella

China bumps is a hairstyle that has been around for years. When I was in school, all the girls used to rock this style. I also used to practice doing it on my friend’s hair. Those were the good ole days. Fast forward to 2016 where it seems everything I did in secondary school (high school for my US readers) is now fashionable again.

Chokers and slip dresses are this years must haves items. Also, thanks to the Kardashians. Every hairstyle that black girls wore back in the day are now being rocked by everyone.

It is a big topic of discussion by a lot of people. I personally have no problem with who does what. However, I do feel like people should acknowledge where things originated from. I read an article stating Kim Kardashian started the new box braid trend….Errr first of all they are called cornrows. Second, she didn’t create this trend.

Yes a lot of people are now wearing their hair like that because she did it. That’s what happens with all celebrities, especially Kim. But saying she started the trend…not true. I need magazines and news outlets to do a little more research about these things. In the words of Baby ‘PUT SOME RESPEK ON OUR NAME’.

In the spirit of bringing things back, I thought I would try china bumps in my hair. I opted for a messier version as my hair is short now.

American’s call the style bantu knots, but my UK people call them China bumps. Either way, this is my attempt, let me know what you think.

See below for a few pieces to help recreate this look

Dress here and here

Boots here and here

Earrings here


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