Coffee X L.a SweetsNY by fanci fantasticCoffee X L.a SweetsNY by fanci fantasticI’m not a typical New Yorker in the sense that I drink coffee everyday. However I do like a good coffee shop. The best part about living in Harlem is every week a new resturant or coffee shop is opening.

L.a SweetsNY is a cute little Black Owned coffee shop that has recently opened on Lennox Avenue. They offer a variety of cup cakes, crossoints and coffee of course.Coffee X L.a SweetsNY by fanci fantastic

Tea is my drink of choice but I have recently got into Matcha Latte’s (more details on that in another post).  But, crossoints are my guilty pleasure and this new spot in Harlem has amazing buttery crossoints. There is nothing like fresh bread or pastries fresh out the oven, and we were lucky enough to get some.Coffee X L.a SweetsNY by fanci fantastic

If you in the area, stop by for a coffee and cup cake. Also as I have been going to a few new coffee shops of late. I am starting a new series on the blog called Coffee Break. Let me know if you have any places I should try.

Thanks for reading.

Be Fantastic x

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