Creating a Lewk by fanci fantastic

Creating a Lewk by fanci fantastic

Creating a Lewk by fanci fantastic

Creating a Lewk by fanci fantasticCreating a Lewk by fanci fantasticAnyone else sick of the same outfit on everyone? The standard Zara dress, with matching Zara shoes just like it’s modeled on the mannequin. Every single person on Instagram seems like they are dressing identical. I get it, I do the same thing, Zara and H&M are quick fixes. I shop there allot myself.

But seriously, can we please at least style it a little different people?.

As a style rut happens to the best of us, I decided to take it old school and instead of looking to fellow bloggers for inspiration. I went back to my first loves, celebrities and runway. Yes I know your thinking that high street stores also get their inspiration from the same place. But the difference is i’m making the look mine.

In the sprint of doing me, I picked up this gorge leopard scarf with the intention of wearing it as a turban. If you hadn’t realized I’m all about the turban recently, check out this post. After going through my closet and feeling blah, I wrapped this little number around my waist in hopes of creating a Lewk. In all honesty I was actually inspired by Kourtney Kardashian which pains me to say. However she does have great style and ill always give credit where its due. No matter how much I dislike the family.

I paired this scarf skirt with my favorite satin cami and some pink heels to offset the pink in the scarf. I LOVE this look. It feels sexy and very vacation like. Plus I’m tanned from laying out a few weeks ago so I’m feeling a whole holiday vibe.

Unfortunately this scarf has sold out but  see below for similar looks.

Side note, I’m not saying not to shop at the popular stores. This scarf is actually from Zara. Im just saying make it yours. Lets go back to the days where everyone had their own individual style and looked different.

Hope you like and thanks for stopping by.

Be Fanci x


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