Early Fridays and Charcuterie plates by fanci fantastic

Summer is officially here, I know this because the office I’m freelancing at has summer Friday’s and it started the week before last. The whole office is gone by 1pm its amazing. I am impressed by this because I have worked in fashion most of my life and I have never had summer Friday’s. The bad thing is, as I freelance I get paid hourly, so leaving at 1 means a dent in my funds, or I have to work late every other night so I can leave early on Friday. I swear, there’s always a catch in my life.Anywhoo, a few Friday’s ago, I left work at 2pm and went to meet my aunt for some lunch. I always love meeting my aunt for food and drinks because she usually finds somewhere fabulous to go that I haven’t been yet. That’s the beauty of having a food blogger in the family…Actually she has always been the go to person for places to eat and drink, it’s just now we can blame it on ‘research’ you know… for our blogs.

This particular day she suggested we meet at Black Barn. ‘Come to Black Barn’ she said’s ‘Its my new favorite place to get a Charcuterie and cheese plate’. Now you know those are the magic words, plus the restaurant is right near Madison square park so we figured I could shoot some images for the blog while we were in the area.

We ordered the Mangalitsa Charcuterie and it was divine, nearly as good as the ones I had in Rome, but nothing has beaten that yet. I highly recommend it. Oh and they also do a good spicy margarita, I know, I know, I should have ordered wine to go with my meats and cheeses I am an animal. But it was hot and the end of the week and I really fancied a margarita. I’ll do better going forward I promise.

We took some flicks while we were there, you must go and check it out,  the Mangalitsa Charcuterie is to die for.

Early Fridays and Charcuterie plates by fanci fantasticEarly Fridays and Charcuterie platesEarly Fridays and Charcuterie platesBlaEarly Fridays and Charcuterie plates


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