#goals by fanci fantastic

It’s the beginning of a new year and its time to reflect and make a #Goal list for 2017. I haven’t written a goal list yet, but I intend to. This year I have to change it up though because I find myself creating lists I never stick to.

It’s difficult to be practical when settings goals because in the new year you feel empowered and hopeful. But by summer when you haven’t saved a dime and you have put on weight instead of lost, you realise you should have been more realistic.By realistic I mean set short term goals and long term goals. A short term goal- for example is, if you want to lose 30lbs, set a monthly goal to work out 3 times a week. Try to lose 5/lbs a month. If 5lbs is too high set a bench mark you can stick to. That way you can track progress. Saying you just want to lose 30lbs and just aiming for that number will not work. You will lose 2lbs your first week or month and feel defeated, trust me I know.

A Long term goal example is traveling. You wanna go to Paris, South Africa, and London. You have a job with limited vacation days, a budget and all those places just seem unrealistic. My advise is to make a plan. Write a list of where you want to go. Research hotels, Airbnb’s, different airlines and things you want to do while your there. Tally up the cost (a rough estimate is fine). Then set up a vacation account and pay money in every check. Maybe by doing this you will only get to do one big trip a year. But, its better than writing done a ton of places, trying to make all of them happen, then going no where.

Hopefully this #goals guide will help you get organized and focused for the new year. I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence so get to planning and have an amazing year Happy 2017 guys.

#goals by fanci fantastic

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