Halloween 2017 by fanci fantastic

It’s Halloween 2017 readers and since moving to NY, this has become one of my favorite times of year. When I lived in London I hardly went out for Halloween and if I did, I never got dressed up. But, now I’m here I look forward to the adventures of finding an outfit.

Last year I went as Marilyn Monroe and this year I decided to be a little more adventurous and go as Sia. I chose Sia because I wanted something easy and edgy. For me costumes are not just about being a sex kitten. Looking girly and sexy is nice but its good to switch it up a little. Halloween 2017 by fanci fantastic

This year was cool because me and the girls all dressed up as singers. Meet Brittany, Sade and Sia.

Halloween 2017 by fanci fantastic

I had a great time out but as usual the best part was getting dressed up. I always go out on the weekend because I’m old and school nights are not for me anymore. Blame my 30’s. But whatever night you go out, dress to impress and have a great time. Oh and leave me a message below telling me who you dressed as this year.

Lipstick here // Wig here // Pants- here // Bodysuit- here // Blazer-here

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween.

Be Fanci x



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