Happy Halloween folks

Happy Halloween folks by fanci fantastic

Happy Halloween folks by fanci fantasticHappy Halloween folks by fanci fantasticHappy Halloween folks by fanci fantastic

Happy Halloween folks. This by far is now one of my favorite times of year. Not because I usually celebrate it, but because I love to see everyone’s costumes.

Every year I want to do something other than look at everyone’s instagram posts. So this year we decided to actually get costumes and take part in the festivities.

At first I was just going to drape a white sheet over me and wear my gladiators. I was going for a Grecian Goddess look. But around 4pm on Friday I was looking online and I saw a Marilyn Monroe costume and I had to get it.

A word to the wise, never go shopping for a costume the weekend of Halloween. Its madness in the stores. Lucky for my friend and I we were able to score our outfits in record time, but I’m not sure everyone was so successful.

We went to a club in Fulton street and had an ok time. To be honest the best part for me was getting dressed up. I am actually looking forward to doing it all again next year.Happy Halloween folks by fanci fantasticMy friend Jess went as Madonna. How cool is her outfit? The great part is they are all things she can wear again.Happy Halloween folks by fanci fantastic

See below pieces to help recreate our looks

Marilyn Monroe

I bought my costume from Party City. Dress here and Wig here. My shoes are old but you can get similar ones here


Skirt here, Tights here, Bodysuit here, Shoes here, Chain here

Side bar, I am obsessed with my costume and I really want to wear it again. I felt so sexy. So if you see a random lady walking around Manhattan dressed as Marilyn its just me. I am also available for appearances.

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend and let me know what you went as this year.

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