How to style a dungaree dress by fanci fantastic

Dungaree dresses remind me of being a kid again. I used to have a few when I was younger and I would love to wear them. Dungaree dresses are very versatile as you can wear them through all seasons. Plus they come in all different styles.

Last year I went home to London for my sister’s wedding and I picked up two versions of this dress. A denim option because you can’t go wrong with a good denim dress and this cute pink one. If you are an avid reader, you know pink is my favorite color and I loved the fact that its corduroy.

As this style of dress is a must have item for me, I thought I would break down How to Style a dungaree dress.

Option one- Make it Girly

 This is an item that you may have worn when you were a young girl so play on that. Pair it with some heels and ankle socks for that high school look. Also If you buy a dungeree dress like this, add a contrasting color to make the outfit pop.

Option Two- Make it sexy

I don’t care what you say,  knee high boots make any look sexier. Unless you’re wearing a crop top and mini skirt, then its more trashy than sexy. But anyway, boots give this look more of an edgy feel which makes it look less like a little girls outfit. Add a white shirt like I’ve done here and viola.

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Thanks for reading. Be Fanci x

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