Mercury Retrogade by fanci fantasticMercury Retrogade by fanci fantastic

Mercury Retrogade by fanci fantastic

Mercury Retrogade by fanci fantastic

Hi readers, sorry I have been a little MIA recently but I took a mental break. It’s strange because around the same time last year, I was feeling a little uninspired around March and April. Maybe its pre birthday blues or the fact that I don’t usually go on vacation between December to April. If you know me you know that’s a very long time. Also I’ve been in a bit of a funk, and I think the Mercury Retrograde had allot to do with it.

Now let’s be clear, I am not into the moons and retrograde and things like that. However when my co workers told me it was that time of year, I read up on it and it made perfect sense. Plus it totally explained my mental state. I was in a shitty mood for weeks, uninspired, lazy and generally angry for no real reason.

Thankfully I was able to snap out of it the week before my birthday and ended up having a lovely celebration. Followed by a few days back home with my favorite people in London. I tell ya, when you’re not feeling your best. Grab some drinks with friends and book a flight somewhere. It works for me every time.

An extended birthday celebration was just what I needed to hit the reset button. Plus like I always say, London gives me the most inspiration. It also didn’t hurt that I picked up a few bits that  I can’t wait to feature.   Starting with this Topshop dress.

This dress is going to be on heavy rotation this spring /summer. It’s the perfect fit for my curves and a great length for work then evening drinks. I can’t wait to style it a few different ways. As it’s FINALLY spring here in New York, I decided to pair the dress with my new Veja trainers and my wooden bag.  Simple yet effective.

See below details to recreate this look.

Thanks for reading.

Be Fanci x




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