perfectly imperfect by fanci fantasticperfectly imperfect by fanci fantasticperfectly imperfect by fanci fantasticperfectly imperfect by fanci fantastic                                                   Top- River island, Skirt- Ann Taylor

Images by Viella

I shot this look a few weeks ago and I hated how I looked. Which is why I never posted it. I felt chubby, my hair was all over the place because it was windy. I look angry. Also I couldn’t see anything because it was so bright outside and I was dripping with sweat. So I shelved the pictures.

This evening, I was going through some images and I looked at them again. The colors work so well together and I don’t hate them today. Don’t get me wrong, I can stand to shift a few pounds. But for some strange reason I am not as hung up on my body as I once was. I’m not as small as I used to be, but I must say, I still look pretty good.

I started this blog, so I could relate to girls like me… real girls. Yes, your images are supposed to be perfect. People are drawn to ‘perfect’ images, but some days it just doesn’t work out. You don’t look perfect, but you still look pretty damn good.

You kind of lose sight of things especially when you start a blog. It is so easy to get caught up in the hype of instagram, you start obsessing over likes. How many people follow you on Facebook and snap chat. How can you make your images better than everyone elses?. Don’t get me wrong, these things are important, especially if you want to be a successful blogger. But at the same time, I am human, and I do have shit days, and fat days, and spotty face days. So sometimes my pictures aren’t as good as the last time but as long as I don’t look crazy, I’m going to show those days too. This is why I started this blog after all.

I hope you guys like, and remember embrace your imperfections, they make you, YOU.

See below on how to recreate this look.

Top here

Skirt here and here

Shoes here

Bag here




  1. I find your comments really interesting. Firstly because you look so damn amazing in the pictures I can’t relate to the imperfections you refer to. But secondly because I LOVE the attitude you’ve shown us that you have towards your body image/size/look.

    It’s such a shame that we buy onto the media around images being perfect. I too almost did not post am image last week because I thought I looked – not perfect. And the thing is that I got a load of compliments that day from men and women so go figure! Clearly I am no person to judge.

    I see so so many gorgeous women who are fashionably kitted out and they come in all shapes and sizes. I just wished we saw more of this in the press so we felt less hung up about it all.

    Anyhow enjoy the fat, spotty (and in my case – feeling old days). We all apparently have them! Xx

    • fancifantastic Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Delia, and I totally agree I wish we saw more of this in the press but it is getting better. We are now embracing plus size models and all shapes and sizes are now on the TV. It still has a way to go, but were getting there. Thank you for reading and your comments xxx

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