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Whats going on gorgeous people, I know its been a minute, but I’ve been a little busy. I went to a few events, and took a quick trip to LA for July 4th weekend, post to follow.

So lets jump in, a few weeks ago I attended Pinknic. This is an event I have wanted to attend since I saw it on Instagram. Don’t judge me, Instagram has actually become my go to source to see whats poppin’. See how I said whats popping’…Im still hip. Anyway, like I said I saw this event on Insta and decided this was something I had to go to.

Pinknic by fanci fantasticSo what is Pinknic I hear you ask. Well its a party/picnic at Governors Island where you basically drink Rose or Champagne all day, while wearing pink or white. This concept is something I knew I could totally get into being that pink is my favorite color (it looks great against my skin tone) and I also love champagne.

Ticket prices vary from general admission, VIP, to V’VIP (my terminology not theirs) which is basically aย cabanaย and access to the pool. We opted for VIP which was ok but I am still deciding if I would do that again.ย The reason being when in VIP, you still have to leave the VIP section to get food, and the lines in VIP for alcohol are just as long as general admission. The only plus I can think of is we were able to get seats instead of sitting on the grass like you do in general admission. Also the bathrooms were nice, aside from that not really sure if it was worth it. We will probably attend next year so I have time to figure out what I want to do.

Pinknic by fanci fantasticPinknic by fanci fantasticDrinks were reasonable, A bottle of champagne was $70 including tax, which is not bad considering it is an event in NY. The food however was expensive, I suggest bringing your own if you go. The line is crazy and its $30 not including tax for a meal, there are five options to choose from, and the portions are not large.

Pinknic by fanci fantastic

Aside from that I had a very nice time, we sat, drank champagne and towards the end of the evening danced to house music. Good times were had by all and I would recommend this event. It’s definitely something fun to do in the summer.

My Dress is from Amazon, get two sizes up as it runs really small. Iย got my shoes last year from Zara but you can get a similar pair here.

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