Planning a productive staycation by fancifantasticHappy Tuesday readers, I hope you’re having a productive Tuesday so far. I am on cloud nine because I have a much needed week off work. Ordinarily I would use this week to go on a vacation to somewhere hot. I never  really believed in staycations. But now I am getting a ‘little older’, I am super excited to use this week to get things done.

Staycations are perfect for reclaiming your time. If you are anything like me, you find it difficult to balance life and the days just slip away from you. I have a 9-5, a blog and I’m a wife. Which means I go to work, come home and work on my blog, cook dinner for me and the hubby, QT time then bed. Now that may not seem like allot but trust me it is. Things take time, for example I’m trying to food prep my lunches for the week. Do you know how time consuming that is? Cutting the veg, cooking the ingredients, separating them in containers. That’s a job within itself.

I can do that over the weekend I hear you say. That is true but there is a thing called brunch that often takes one of my days away from me. It’s not my fault, after bottomless mimosa’s I’m not very productive. Plus on one of my weekend days I shoot for this blog and clean the apartment. LIFE IS SOO HARD. Ok it really isn’t . There are mothers out there that do it all and then some without complaining. I don’t know how they do it.

But my point is time. There isn’t enough hours in the day. Which is why a Staycation comes in handy. However, if you don’t write a plan of action down a week can get away from you. Monday has already passed and although I was productive, the day flew by. Which brings me to todays topic. Planning a productive  staycation.

The first thing you have to do is write down everything you want to accomplish for the week. I mean EVERYTHING. Even if it’s a bullet point in your planner that said’s sleep in till 10am, write that shit down.

The second thing is, allocate days and times to do those things. This will give you an overview of what your day/week is looking like.

Third and last thing, Check things off the list. I read somewhere that checking things off a to do list actually makes people feel amazing and motivated…If that’s not a good enough reason then I don’t know what is.

Now if the goal of your staycation is to do nothing because your just exhausted from life, then ignore the above. Keep your PJ’s on, nap, eat what you want and OD on Nextflix. But, if you have things you want to accomplish then use these steps to stay organized.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your staycay .

By Fantastic x


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