Primark Staten Island by fanci fantasticOne of the things I miss the most about living in London is shopping with my girls. Although there are tons of stores here in NY, it’s not quiet the same. However every now and again a shop I like to visit back home opens here. First was Top Shop, then & Other Stories and now Primark.

Now if you’re a brit, Primark is the place that everyone goes to for a good bargain. All of the things you need but don’t like spending lots of money on is in that shop. Tights, Coats, stuff for the kids, menswear, even home stuff. If I had to compare it, I would say it has the Fashion of forever 21 but with a wider range. The home stuff of TK Maxx or Marshalls, and the kids stuff of Old navy. All in one store.

It is one of my favs so you can image my delight when I saw they opened a store in Staten Island. Now Staten Island is nowhere near where I live and the journey was interesting to say the least..two trains and a bus later. But I did manage to get some bargains and I wanted to share.

As you enter the store from the outside entrance you immediately walk into the shoe section which I think is genius. All the shoes that I saw range from $4.50 to $30 which is an excuse to pick up like 10 pairs of shoes. I got two black glittery plimsolls (a pair for me and my aunt) and these  printed trainner’s (sneakers).

Primark Staten Island by fanci fantastic

Like I mentioned before I’m going on vacation soon so I picked up some cute jewelry, a cover up and two bodysuit’s. Oh and socks, because you always need socks.Primark Staten Island by fanci fantastic

Primark Staten Island by fanci fantastic

Here is a break down of what each item cost

Sparkle mesh sneakers – $8

Printed sneakers – $15

Geo pendent chain – $4.40

Body suits – $9 for 2

5pk sport socks -$5

Earrings – $3.50

In total I spent $66 which is pretty good for the amount of things I got. Side note, I picked up way more items than this, but decided to be sensible and only get stuff I needed. I’m so mature nowadays 🙂

If you can, get down to Primark, and get yourself some goodies. Thank me later.

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