The Saturday before last my aunt and a friend of mine when to Punta Cana to celebrate my aunts birthday, and we had such a good time.Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic

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I wish I could say I have a ton of professional pictures documenting the entire trip, but alas I don’t. To be honest we were having so much fun, we didn’t get round to doing it. My next trip will be well documented though, I promise.

We stayed at the Riu Republica in Punta Cana, My aunt found a really good deal so she booked us up and off we went.

The Riu Republica is a brand new hotel that has just opened up at the beginning of June so everything is fairly new. They still have a few things to work on but overall it was a nice stay. On our first day we told one of the waiters it was a birthday weekend and he insisted we came back for dinner. When we got there, he had put balloons on the table and the staff came out and sang with a cake. It was a really nice evening.

The hotel is all-inclusive and the food is ok, we spend most days at the main restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The resturant is buffet style with everything from fruit, to sea food, to different kinds of meats and rice. It is not the best in terms of food, but if you’re looking for a quick few days away on a budget its perfect.

While we were there we all had a massage in the spa. The women that give the massage’s are amazing, I felt so relaxed and de-stressed after having it. The spa is also nice too. I definitely suggest getting one done if you stay there.

The best part of this vacation I must say is the entertainment. I normally hate hotel entertainment, I find it cheesy and annoying but the staff there are extremely entertaining. There are a group of them that basically entertain you all day at the pool, and then again in the evening. I have no idea how they keep their energy levels up that high the whole day, every day but I salute them. If you get to go, look out for Tequilla… yes that is his name, he is fantastic.

Hotel Cons

Getting a chair on the beach is extremely difficult. Your only suppose to hold a chair for 2 hours, but there are no hotel staff on the beach so people go down at 6AM, and put there towels down then don’t return until hours later. When you get down to the beach, there are lots of empty spaces but people leave their things on there so you can’t sit down. Very annoying.

You have to keep going to the bar at the pool,  there is no bar at the beach, and there are no hotel staff coming over to ask you if they can get you anything.

You have to book the resturant’s hours in advance for dinner by going there and lining up for a reservation, you can’t call to reserve a table.

Well (house) drinks only, most of which I have never heard of, but you get what you pay for so thats not really a con

Hotel pros

Great entertainment,

You can get a drink whenever and there is alcohol in your room and a fridge full of soft drinks and water you do not get charged for.

They have fitness classes if you want to work out and they are fun. I did the water aerobics and really enjoyed it.

There is a club right downstairs if you want to party

Great massages at the spa.

If I had to grade the hotel I would give it 6/10 purely because for the price it was, including the flight, it did the job nicely.

I Snapped a few shots on my phone while we were there, check them out.

Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantasticRiu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic

Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic


Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic
We arrived in style
Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic
Happy Birthday…
Riu Republica Punta Cana Review by fanci fantastic
There was a wedding in the Jelly Fish resturant we went to, it was lovely.




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