On Saturday I attended Ashley Stewart’s ‘Rock the block’ event. I wanted to check this event out because I have family members that shop there and the festivities they had lined up for the day looked good.
Unfortunately we arrived a little later than I wanted due to me over sleeping. This was a little frustrating because one of the main reasons I wanted to go was to catch the panel about, ‘being your own boss in the face of adversity’. We did however catch the sample sale and the model boot camp with Chistina Mendez who by the way is gorgeous. Model boot camp was basically a run down of how to make it as a plus size model, the do’s and don’ts plus tips on how to have longevity in that industry. rock the block event by fanci fantastic

The sample sale had different vendors doing make up and nails. Also the event was sponsored by Mixed chicks so they had both Ashley Stewart and Mixed chicks product available to buy.

I personally didn’t like any of the clothing Ashley Stewart had on sale. Although they don’t sell my size, I find the shapes and prints they do are not very flattering. I don’t think plus sized women should be head to toe in bright orange or yellow, or even prints. Also not all women are shaped the same so a variety in cuts are needed. A lot of stores do the same thing and it gives people limited options when shopping. At the same time there are plus size models like Ashley Graham that are doing collaborations with retailers that are more realistic and sexier. Just because a women is bigger doesn’t mean she has to look frumpy.

rock the block event by fanci fantasticrock the block event by fanci fantasticAside from the sample sale the event was pretty cool, I actually wanted to watch the fashion show but that didn’t start to 4pm and I was starving so we left the event to get some food.

When in Brooklyn I tend to always go to the same places to eat basically because I hardly go to BK so I stick to what I know. This time we went back to Woodland for Brunch. The weather was gorgeous before it started raining later that afternoon so we shot some flicks. The outfit I had on was perfect for the event and the weather.rock the block event by fanci fantasticrock the block event by fanci fantasticrock the block event by fanci fantasticrock the block event by fanci fantastic

Let me know what you think about the clothes in Ashley Stewart or any other plus size clothing stores. I would love to get your feedback.



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