Salut! by fanci fantastic
Salut! ~ Pronounced /saˈluː/
Origin ~ French
Exclamation ~ Used to express friendly feelings toward one’s companions before drinking.

Salut! by fanci fantastic
Salut! by fanci fantastic
Salut! by fanci fantastic
So now you have read the meaning, it makes total sense I should own this shirt right?… No not because of the French part, because of the drinking part silly.
I saw this shirt on J.Crew and I thought it was so fun. As you may or may not have noticed, I am a total   T-shirt collector. Only of recent and I’m not sure why either, they just seem to go with every thing.
J. Crew have a really cool selection, and they always have a really good deal. They offer anything from 20% -40% off, usually on the weekends. I was able to get this top and a skirt for 40% off. ‘Twas a good day that day.
Who knew I’d be a J. Crew shopper, I used to find their clothes over priced and way too preppy but right now I’m diggin’ it. Either the pieces have got better or my style has changed and I’m getting old…Obviously the reason is the pieces have got better.
Salut! by fanci fantastic
Salut! by fanci fantastic
Salut! by fanci fantastic A pair of Levis felt like the necessary choice to wear with this top, and I just so happened to have a pair that I bought the other day. I was doing some research on the best jeans and these Wedgie Levis kept coming up. Apparently Kylie Jenner wore them and her ass looked amazing so everyone went out and bought them.
Now let me be clear, I am not the type of person that runs out and buys things because a Kardashian / Jenner has worn it. Far from it. However fashion is fashion and good jeans are good jeans so I will never dismiss something before trying. As the jeans got such great reviews I decided to give them a try  and they didn’t disappoint. They are slimming (meaning they hold my gutt in) and they make my ass look great. Good jeans are hard to find, so I recommend these if you need some.
You can purchase my T- shirt here, Jeans here, and shoes here.
Hope you like this look, and leave me a comment below on where you buy your favorite T-Shirts.
Thanks for stopping by.
Be Fanci x

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