Sequins and Reebokssequins and reeboks by fanci fantastic

sequins and reeboks by fanci fantasticSequinned Skirt-7157sequins and reeboks by fanci fantasticsequins and reeboks by fanci fantasticSequins and reeboks by fanci fantastic

Skirt H&M, Leather jacket Lord & Taylor,  T-Shirt H&M, Reeboks

Images by Viella

My style is completely changing of late, as much as I love getting glammed up I’m all about comfort. I have been challenging myself to create new looks and outfits that are comfortable and fabulous, hence the Sequins and Reeboks.

I bought this sequin skirt a few years ago for a birthday weekend to Miami and I haven’t worn it since. You know when you get something fabulous and you think to yourself, When I’m I ever going to wear that again? well this was one of those items. I read in InStyle that trainers (or sneakers for my USA readers) and skirts are a ‘must do’ trend so ifigured why the heck not.

I teamed my sequin skirt with some trainers, a t-shirt and my favorite leather jacket, see below some pieces to help you recreate this look.

sequin skirt here and here

 leather jacket here faux leather jacket here

Reebok here

T-shirt here

 Bangle bracelets here and here



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