Stay NeutralStay Neutral by fanci fantasticStay Neutral by fanci fantasticStay Neutral by fanci fantasticStay Neutral by fanci fantasticStay Neutral by fanci fantastic

Boots- Public Desire, Jacket- Urban Outfitters, Vest-Neiman Marcus, Dress- Boohoo

Images by Viella

It’s hard for me to stay neutral when it comes to fashion because I love color and prints. Also, I feel like sometimes wearing head to toe in beige or any light color can really wash you out. Some people can really pull it off. But unless I am fresh off a vacation it doesn’t always work on me.

I do however like to dabble in something out of the norm from my usual look. So I decided to go with this light colored ensemble. When wearing nudes, I suggest trying to mix them with a few different shades. Wearing all of one color is very risky, it really suits some people, but not everybody.

Fashion is about experimenting, but also wearing pieces that work for you. Just because you see a fashion blogger or a celeb in something doesn’t mean it is for you. By all means take inspiration from things, but make it your own.

This week I paired two items I have featured before with two things I haven’t. I love to recycle old looks and mix them up with something I have never worn before. It enables me to make the most out of my closet.

As I have mentioned before I love slip dresses so I rocked this cream one with my thigh high boots, an oversized vest and my baby pink leather jacket. It’s a perfect color combo.

See  below pieces to help recreate this look

Boots here

Vest here

Leather jacket (real leather) here (faux leather) here

Dress here

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