Obsessed with goPure products

So I am obsessed with goPure products. Recently I decided to start investing in my skin as much as I do in clothes. I am going to be 3…(cough) next year and I have no intention on looking older than my age. I wanted to try natural products but not for any particular reason than trying something new. Also I have really oily skin and most products I have tried don’t help with the shine so I figured why not. The brand I bought is called goPure natural and to be honest I had never heard of it before now. I am the type of person that leaves buying beauty products to the last minute, so I needed everything. Cream, face wash, eye cream…everything. Lucky for me Cleopatra’s choice was doing a deal where you get all of the above and a serum for around $56. Apparently serum’s are best…

10 must have items when traveling somewhere hot

I just got back from vacation and I feel so relaxed. I went to London already in April but I never class that as a holiday because its home to me. Last week’s destination was Punta Cana in DR and I was quiet excited because I had never been before. I will definitely give you a recap of my trip but for now I wanted to give you a quick run down of my 10 must have items when traveling somewhere hot.

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