Parisian Brunch at Ladurée

I think birthdays are a big deal and something fabulous must be done each year to celebrate YOU. My friend Audrey feels exactly the same, every year she organizes a series of fun and fabulous activities. Unfortunately I have missed the celebrations the last few years because I was either double booked or traveling. This year however I was able to attend and it was lovely.

The location was Ladurée Soho for brunch and the theme was Parisian. By Parisian I mean we all had to dress up in a Parisian outfit. This was exciting for me because I love any excuse to get dressed up. At first I found the theme a little challenging purely because it felt like 1000 degrees outside. But once I got passed the heat I manage to figure something out. All of us committed to the theme and it was so cool to see everyone’s take on it.

Parisian Brunch at Ladurée

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