This is what really happens in your 30's by fanci fantastic

This is what really happens in your 30's by fanci fantastic

This is what really happens in your 30's by fanci fantastic

This is what really happens in your 30's by fanci fantastic

If anyone told me I would be living in NYC, married and writing a blog at 36 I would have told them to shut up. Especially in regards to the married part. But here I am and it’s actually not so bad. I thought I would do a more personal post on being in your 30’s, because trust me it gets better.

When I was in my 20’s, everyone older than me used to tell me ‘Your 30s are the best years of your life‘. I was super excited by this because quiet frankly my 20’s were epic. I had the best set of friends, I dated. Work wasn’t stressful, I raved (partied for my USA readers)….And boy did I rave. I fell more in love with New York City and lastly I met a guy from Harlem, we fell in love and got married. All of this happened by the time I was 28. So I figured if what they say is true, my 30’s were about to be amazing. But boy was I wrong.

This is what really happens in your 30’s. Let me break  down for you what I went through. Married life got real and I mean that. People really look at Jay Z and Beyoncé and think it’s that….It’s not. It’s hard bloody work. Also my ass started spreading, my thighs got wider and not in a video vixen way. Like in a none of my clothes fit me anymore way. Grey hairs appear everywhere and I mean EVERY WHERE. How do you get rid of grey hairs in your private area?…Asking for a friend.

Work became super stressful, and all of I sudden I had zero tolerance for any BS in life. Oh and did I mention that was from 30-34. After my 35th birthday I gained even more weight. Apparently I can’t eat what I want then go to hot yoga once and it disappears. Then I was in this weird funk for about 3 months.  I had no idea what was wrong with me. I believe this is known as The Mid Life Crisis. Then came 36 and thank god everything seems to be balancing out again.  I have just turned 36, in April to be exact. But I have this new sense of self and understanding about things. Kind of like when Neo is able to read the symbols in the Matrix. All that shit makes sense now… Aside from my weight gain, I will never understand that.

I share this with you because I have spoken to a lot of people recently, close friends, work colleagues, etc. That have all gone through or are going through the same thing. It happens  to all women. You just go through a phase where shit is all fucked up, but you learn from it, heal from it and come back stronger.

The best part about being 30 something is that you know yourself. You know what you will put up with and what you won’t. Which means no fuck boys allowed. You become focused on finding a great work life balance. You stop stressing about things you can’t control and start living life for yourself. Most importantly, you now know you can’t have a margarita and a burger at midnight without putting on weight. So you work out, which in turn leads to a healthier life.

Things turn around, so hang in there and get through it. I promise there are better days ahead.

Love me. 36 and Fabulous. x





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