Zara duster coat by Fanci Fantastic

Zara duster coat by Fanci Fantastic


Zara duster coat by Fanci Fantastic


Zara duster coat by Fanci Fantastic

Leather leggings Scoop, Cami Express, Duster Zara, Cross body bag Allsaints, Booties Forever 21, Choker Esty, sunglasses Ray Ban

Images by Viella

The other day I went shopping and I bought this Zara duster coat. Zara have the best sale’s, it went down from $70 to $30…Score. There’s nothing better than when you have your eye on something and a few weeks later the price goes down.

My aunt got tickets to the ballet at the Lincoln center which is one of my favorite venues in New York, so it was an excuse to wear something new.

I paired my Zara duster coat with a cami, some booties, a choker, my favorite bag and my favorite pair of leather leggings and took some shots of my outfit before I headed out.

I really need to start wearing other trousers in my closet. I have so many other pants and I wear these leather leggings over and over and over again. I put on a few pounds since last summer and these leggings are the only pants I am comfortable in, also they just happen to go with everything. Ok I’m lying….to be honest, even when I am feeling slim, I do tend to wear the same thing’s all of the time, is it just me?

One of my new year’s resolution is to lose weight and to wear something different from my closet at least once a week, its been a tough start, because like I said I feel like a chubster and my pants go with everything but I’m working on it. Change is good.

A few of the items that I’m wearing have sold out so here are some alternative pieces to help you recreate this look.

Cami here

leather leggings here

Leather leggings can be expensive so her are a faux leather option here

Duster coat here and here

Choker here

Cross body bag here

Booties here and here

Sunglasses here

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